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Pam Foster LPC, LADC
I just want my joy back!  Have you ever made that statement?  I know I have.  It is out of those experiences that I discovered the pleasure of helping people rediscover their joy. Grief and loss often try to rob our joy.  Loss can take on many forms:  family, friends, health, job, relationship.  It can have many symptoms:  anxiety, depression, anger, substance abuse, stress.

I have worked as a Bereavement Counselor in a hospice setting before going into private practice.  In private practice, I have facilitated a monthly Grief Support Group for the last five years.  I also have experience working with teen issues, marriage and family issues, adoption home studies, substance abuse issues, and am a Department of Transportation Substance Abuse Professional.  I also provide Christian counseling for those interested.



Rex Fryer LPC, NCC, LBP

Do you ever feel like no one is listening?  Does it feel like you have to face life’s challenges alone?  Are you tired of hurting?  I believe that “pain is inevitable, but suffering is a choice”.  Counseling is an opportunity to gain the confidence to confront obstacles and learn skills to improve results in a safe, confidential environment.

I have a passion to assist with the management of anxiety, depression, anger, and relationship issues.  I also focus on children’s behavioral issues/enhanced parenting.

When you and I work together, you will be well informed of the therapeutic direction, the approximate number of sessions needed, and associated cost.  Call today to schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation.



Stephen D. Byrd, BA, M.DIV, LADC

For more than three decades, Steve has worked to help people seeking to change.  He’s dedicated to helping you learn healthy ways to live a drug and alcohol free life. At both outpatient and inpatient facilities, Steve worked to develop programs that work for individuals and families fighting drug abuse.

 Steve is a retired clergy and his continuing passion is to help persons recover from the disease of addiction and substance dependence and abuse. His holistic and family approach to treatment has been applied in a variety of settings including individuals in the probation and parole system.

He has more than 30 years of commitment to recovery from this disease. He has conducted workshops to communities and professional groups as well as serving on panels and boards in several fields.

  After all these years Steve still believes that recovery is possible and everyone is a person of worth.